Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, tone up your body, boost your mood or increase your lifespan, you must have geared up to tweak your fitness routine. While all the information available on the web can help you set a direction for yourself, unfortunately, there is a plethora of workout advice that won’t help you meet your fitness goals. On the contrary, it can do more harm than good and pose obstacles to your fitness journey. Many people have shifted from following useless advice on the internet and are seen using workout apps to assist them in their fitness game.

However, there are still many people who follow these myths in an effort to reach their fitness objectives proficiently. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous fitness myths that can actually damage your health and fitness goals and sabotage your health:

  • Working Out Once Or Twice Is Okay

While something is better than nothing, working out only once or twice a week won’t bring in any sustained results. For workouts to produce noticeable results, exercising 3-5 times a week is advised.

  • Working Out First Thing In The Morning Is Effective

The best time to workout is whatever time you can allocate to yourself and to your health. Factually, you want to allocate a certain time of the day to your physical health and stick to it.

  • If You Want To Stall Your Fitness Regime, Use Workout Apps

This is probably one of the most useless myths which can actually slow down your fitness process. Fitness apps only make your fitness quicker and much more trackable.

  • Mental Fitness Has Nothing To Do With Physical Fitness

Both are highly inter-related. When you buck up your physical fitness, it tends to make you mentally fit and keep your brain at its peak performance.

  • Rest Days Makes Fitness Unproductive

Cheat days are very important to make your weight loss process much faster and efficient. It is advised to take a day or two off after an intense workout session but ensure that you stay active in those days to avoid being lazy.

  • Eating Carbs Are Treacherous To Your Fitness Journey

Having some quantity of carbs in a day is important for your body as they provide important nutrients. You can limit the number of carbs but never abandon eating them completely. Fitness apps can help you construct a balanced diet plan.

  • Longer Workouts Bring Better Results

Longer workouts may increase your stamina and bring positive health outcomes in the long run. They don’t necessarily speed up the fitness process. Even a minute of exercise that is done right can prove to be just as beneficial.

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