Effective Lifestyle Changes to Fight PCOS

What is PCOS? It is a condition that is caused due to an imbalance of reproductive hormones. A woman with PCOS will often take insulin or pcos medicine. Also, they may have a higher level of androgens. Both men and women have this hormone. A person with PCOS shows symptoms like irregular menstrual cycle, excess hair growth on the chin or face, thinning of hair, and acne on their face. You can fight this disease by making slight changes in your lifestyle. Read on to know the required changes:

Food and grains

As we know, many people with PCOS will opt to have insulin resistance. Sometimes insulin doesn’t work well in your body. And you may also witness symptoms like pcos acne, weight gain, etc. Your pancreas produces insulin, and enabling your body to use glucose as the energy. Also, your blood sugar levels are balanced by insulin. High insulin levels enhance androgens in PCOS women and may worsen the risk of problems. So, you can manage your PCOS with a healthy diet.


Do not follow just the PCOS medicine and try to find a cure. One of the essential steps to follow is exercising. Physical exercise is a must for a PCOS patient. Especially do exercise when your work schedule is sedentary. Exercise helps in keeping your metabolism functions at its best. Additionally, it helps in fat loss and lowers insulin resistance. Remember, your physical activity should be done in the morning. An increased risk of mental health disorders has been associated with the PCOS. Your mental health also improve when you do the exercise regularly.

Sleep Cycle

Going early to bed is a must for a PCOS patient. Do not stay awake late at night. After sleeping for 7 to 8 hours, try to wake up early. Avoid sleeping late since, it will reduce your metabolism easily. It is strictly restricted to sleep throughout the day hours. A good night sleep at the proper time will do miracles. In this way, it is capable of curing PCOS naturally.

Stress Management

At present, research says even stress can result in PCOS. It will affect your metabolism effectively. You know what? Stress can alter the acid secreted to digest your food. If you fail to manage your stress, your food may be half-digested. Today everyone has stress, but you need to learn how to manage it. Some of the go-to options are regular yoga, planning workout, daily journaling, etc.

Herbs for PCOS

A scientific study says that herbal medicines also give positive results in improving fertility and regulating ovulation. And there is evidence showing that when a person took herbal medicines it improved their lifestyle condition and saw more significant improvements. So it is good to opt for herbal medicine to cure PCOS.

Closing Thoughts

Changing your sleep routine, having a proper diet, and managing stress will help you balance your metabolism and mental health. Follow these steps to avoid having infertility, pcos acne, excess hair growth, etc. Now you know these points will help you to fight PCOS by changing your lifestyle.