Do’s and Don’ts Before a Mummy Makeover

Motherhood in and of itself is fantastic, but it leaves its mark on the body. Often, pregnancy results in sagging skin or excess tissue around the abdomen and waist, deflated or sagging breasts, and fat deposits in the thighs that don’t respond to exercise. When exercise and diet don’t reverse the physical effects, a mummy makeover may be the answer.

A mummy makeover is typically a combination of one or more procedures designed to help restore the body to better proportions and an improved silhouette. Here are three dos and don’ts to help you along the way.

Mummy Makeover Dos:

Do ask questions and do your research. Before your mummy makeover consultation, spend some time thinking about your mummy makeover goals and research the procedures you would like included — a tummy tuck, liposuction, or breast augmentation and/or lift. Make a list of questions and concerns you would like to discuss with your plastic surgeon. Informed patients are often the most satisfied with their final results and overall mommy makeover results.

Do talk to your family.

Although you are the one undergoing a mummy makeover, your family should be involved in planning your procedure and recovery. Your family should want you to be healthy and happy, and you likely will need their support and assistance at various stages in the process. Be sure to let them know what to expect and how they may best help you and keep the household running while you are limited in your activities due to recovery.

Do arrange for child or pet care.

During your recovery from your mummy makeover, you may need assistance to care for your children or pets, particularly during the first week of recovery. After a mummy makeover, you will have restrictions on your ability to lift small children, walk your dog, and perform other daily activities.

Mummy Makeover Don’ts:

Don’t rely solely on the internet for information.

While the information you find may provide you with a wealth of information, it is essential to be selective in your sources. Make certified and experienced plastic surgeon’s like Dr Scamp Mummy Makeover Gold Coast & Brisbane websites your first stop for information about your mummy makeover and any other procedures. However, after you’ve done your research, be sure to talk with your plastic surgeon about your procedure and the information you’ve found online.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

As soon as you have scheduled your procedure, begin planning for your recovery. Set up childcare or pet care as early as possible, pack the freezer with ice packs, and pull together a recovery care kit with easy-to-eat snacks, magazines, bottled water, lip balm and other items that help you rest and relax.