Benefits of Collagen for Workouts, Wellness & Beauty

 People have become more health-oriented than ever. They are seeking new ways of boosting and improving their health every day. One of the most unusual finds of the recent times is the realization of how beneficial collagen is for them. Collagen is known to help people boost their workouts, wellness, and beauty. If you are wondering what it is and will it be right for you, then you need to scroll on.

Understanding Collagen

It is a fact that up to 30 percent of proteins in your body can be made up of collagen. It has long chain amino acids and is a gelatinous substance that can be found in your skin, ligaments, bones, connective tissues and tendons. Apart from humans, it can also be found in animal hides, animal bones, fish skins, and fish scales. If you are a vegan whose body doesn’t produce enough collagen, then you should check the vegan collagen options available at websites like Yes Wellness.

Move with It

Collagen is the most abundant protein present in your body that lets you move, bend and stretch better. So, it helps you catch that ball on a soccer field or try unbelievable yoga poses. It has extremely high levels of amino acids like proline, glycine, hydroxyproline, and arginine. It can function as a complete protein.

Losing It

Though 75 percent of a person’s skin comprises of collagen, people start losing about 1.5 percent of it annually from the moment they turn 20. As you age, the collagen production reduces and hence your performance levels also slow down. Some lifestyle changes like poor diet, high-stress levels and also imbalances of the gut health. It can also slow down more if you have bad habits like smoking, not putting on the sunscreen or not avoiding pollutants.

Preventive Measures

If you want your body’s collagen reduction process to slow down a bit, the things that might help you are getting ample amounts of sleep, avoiding too much sugar and keeping a check on how much alcohol you consume.

Have a Healthy Gut

It is believed that ample amounts of collagen can play a key role in restoring your gut health. If you have a healthy gut, you will be able to absorb nutrients with ease that will boost a healthy digestive process. Collagen is also helpful in healing damaged cell walls and infusing them with amino acids. It can be particularly beneficial for people who have a leaky gut syndrome as it can play a key role in forming connective tissue to heal and seal the protective lining of your gastrointestinal tract.

Key Types of Collagen

Two words associated with collagen that you might come across are hydrolyzed and partially hydrolyzed. If you are wondering which one to choose, then you should know that Health Canada has approved hydrolyzed version because in it the strands of collagen are broken up into smaller pieces which makes it easy for your body and cells to use them.

If you are looking for the best available food that can increase your collagen levels, then you should opt for bone broth. It’s a great thing to have around for your health, especially on those long cold winter nights when you want something hot and healthy.

There are three more categories of collagen. Type three and one can help your skin, hair, nails and bones.  So, if you want thicker hair, great skin, healthy nails and strong bones, you should go for these types. Type two, on the other hand, is awesome for joint and cartilage support. You should have more of it if you have the problems like popping knees or you want more support for your jaw, back and joints.

Is Vegan Collagen an Option?

Yes, vegans can rejoice because vegan collagen is definitely an option. Just make sure that the product you are buying is 100 percent vegan by having a look at its ingredients. Avoid ingredients like Collagen Hydrolysate, Bovine, and Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen. You can also get collagen from natural sources like garlic, avocado, berries, tomatoes, chia seeds, etc.

How to Consume Collagen Supplements?

If you have bought a collagen supplement only to realize that it doesn’t have any taste or texture of its own then you should be smart and add it to anything you are about to drink or eat. You can read the label and know the best ways to consume it. Some collagen supplements work best with hot liquids and some work well with cold liquids while some work in either.

You can add the supplement to tea, coffee, soup, protein balls, turmeric latte or even tasty baked goods like Chocolate Collagen Chia Pudding. Once you have started taking collagen supplements, give it one or two months to see the results. In most cases, you’ll be delighted by the results.