7 Tips for Getting Perfect Skin

Everyone wants to have flawless skin. Magazines regularly carry articles that claim to reveal the secret behind perfect skin. People diligently follow skin care routines to get perfect skin, but most of the skin routines fail to do their job. To make sure that you achieve your goal of getting the flawless skin you desire, here are 7 tips for you to follow:

  • Apply sunscreen

Sun protection is the most important part of getting healthy skin. The sun can damage the skin’s collagen and elastin. It also affects the body’s ability to create healthy new cells. So, it is necessary that you never go out in the sun without applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. This applies for the winters and cloudy days as well. Doctors at leading skin care hospitals also advice the same to help protect the skin from sun damage.

  • Use the right products for your skin

Try to find what type of skin you have. Knowing about your skin type will help you navigate through the huge number of skin products available and use the one that will work best for you. If you are not sure about your skin type, you can take the help of a dermatologist in Noida, Gurgaon, or any other city where you reside to assess your skin. Also, remember that different areas of face may have different characteristics, so using a single product all over your face can be a mistake.

  • Exfoliate.

Exfoliation should be a permanent part of your skin care regimen. Exfoliation is important as it removes the dry, dull skin and allows other skin products to work more efficiently. Use exfoliation formulas with fruit enzymes, as they dissolve the dead skin gently. Avoid using products that contain seeds or nuts, as they can damage the skin. And always exfoliate with steam, as it warms the skin and adds moisture and hydration, making the skin softer.

  • Don’t neglect the neck

The neck actually shows more age than the face. So, it is important to take proper of the skin of the neck as well. Try to bring the products that you are using on your face down to your neck too. Massage the product in upward motions to create a lifting effect. Like the face, apply a sunscreen to neck area as well and remember to moisturize it morning and night.

  • Watch your food intake

What goes inside the body is as important as what you put on your face. For example, coffee is known to dehydrate the skin, so try to limit your intake of coffee. Also, drinking lemon water beforehand will help neutralize the coffee’s acid. Alcohol is another culprit, if you really want to enjoy a drink, then red wine should be your choice, as it contains the protective anti-aging compound, resveratrol.

  • Supplements

There are numerous supplements that benefit the skin. Vitamin A is the best example of one such supplement. Vitamin A helps keep your skin functioning properly, as it repairs the mucous membranes and tissues. These tissues and membranes keep bacteria and viruses from entering the body and prevent the skin from becoming dry, flaky, and wrinkled, and also prevent acne. Other supplements that you can take are calcium, an important element that boosts skin health, or Vitamin C, which helps in the formation of collagen and fights free radicals. But, before you take any of these supplements it is advisable that you consult a doctor at a skin care hospital or a dermatologist in Delhi, Gurgaon, or wherever you reside.

  • Double Cleanse

It is vital that all the makeup, dirt, and debris that gather on your skin is removed every day. The perfect way to clean the face is to use a makeup wipe first; this will remove the impurities on the surface. Afterwards, you can apply a cleanser that suits your skin type to fully cleanse the skin. You can also use the skin cleanser twice if you prefer.

You can always seek professional advice from dermatologists. You can visit a skin hospital and consult a skin specialist. Search on the internet and you can find the best skin specialists in India for consultation, or the best dermatologist in the city you are residing.