4 Common Myths about Plastic Surgery Debunked

The popularity of plastic surgery is on a rise since the advancements in technology and technique. The procedures followed today are more effective and safer than those employed a decade back. Despite all these advancements and patients experiencing better results and faster recoveries, there are some myths or misinformation circulating in the media. This dissuades many potential patients from approaching a plastic surgeon.

Let us see the 4 common myths about plastic surgery debunked:

Myth 1: Plastic Surgery Is Dangerous

Plastic surgery procedures have been assessed by FDA and are declared safe. As with any other surgery, there are some risks involved but nothing that can be termed as specifically dangerous with plastic surgery.

Myth 2: Only the Rich Can Afford It

There is a big myth surrounding the cost of these procedures with most believing that you need to be very rich to afford it. It is not true and if you see the price list at Chirurgie Plastique Dr. James Lee, you will find that many procedures are very affordable. There are some procedures that are even covered by insurance making them really convenient.

Myth 3: Only Women Go for Plastic Surgery

It’s true that women are more concerned about their looks and they constitute a greater percentage of those going under the knife. This doesn’t mean that plastic surgery is only for women. A lot of men are also getting particular about their looks and opting for various procedures like gynecomastia surgery, liposuction, and rhinoplasty to enhance their appearance.

Myth 4: Results Are Forever Lasting

There are many procedures that have life-changing results and also last for long but not forever. For example, if someone underwent a tummy tuck, the results can fade with time if the right steps towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle are not taken. Similarly, the effects of a facelift can vanish with age as the skin gets loose and wrinkled. However, the results can last for a considerable time if the patient takes good care of his/her body and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle by giving due importance to diet, nutrition, and exercise.

In a nutshell, plastic surgery is quite safe and relatively affordable. It is recommended to shun all the myths surrounding it and get in touch with the right person or clinic to gain complete knowledge about a procedure and get benefited.