5 Handy Tips to Avoid Alcoholism

Western culture and society is soaked in alcohol, whether it’s pints of lager down at the pub, shots of tequila at the bar, too many cocktails at the party or any other parts of our culture, you can usually find some kind of booze there. Rehab clinic facilities have people in them who thought they lived totally normal lives without an unhealthy relationship with alcohol before it started.

Don’t stockpile it. Some people have milk in the fridge at all times others keep plenty of orange juice in the refrigerator. There was always a crate of beer in Joe’s fridge – why not have a beer in the evening? Why not have 5? When friends came over, he’d crack out the wine. Whatever was left over they would keep, and Joe would feel like he would have to finish off whatever was

Left over the next few days. The final result: Joe drank a great deal more than what was healthy for him. Jeff discovered that if it’s not in your house then it was impossible to drink it. He filled his fridge with other drinks, ones which are much better for him. If friends and relatives brought over alcohol with them, he sent it back with them afterwards.

Do Not Emotionally Drink

When Dave broke up with his girlfriend, he finished a bottle of whiskey. When he had a rough day at work, he would have a few glasses of wine to ease the stress. When he was sad, worried or any other kind of negative feeling, he turned to alcohol. He noticed that he would also get drunk in order to celebrate. Whether he felt happy or sad, Dave found himself drinking. He decided that this was normal. After all isn’t it common to have a few drinks when you’re feeling a bit stressed, or to celebrate a joyous occasion. Thankfully, Dave decided that it wasn’t a good idea any more. It makes things worse, he decided to find other ways of dealing with negative emotions, and healthier ways to celebrate.

Don’t Binge Drink

When Sarah went to a party, you noticed that everyone has a cup in their hand. As she socasilised she flew through the drinks. She found that she drank an alarming amount of booze and made the decision to slow down.

She forced herself to slowly ‘nurse’ drinks at parties. She began alternating between alcoholic drinks and glasses of water or non-alcoholic beverages. This allowed her to stay hydrated and stopped her from drinking too much alcohol. She had a policy to turn down any drinking competitions or games. She found new ways to prove herself which did not harm herself.

Don’t Frequent Bars

Beatrix wanted to hang out with coworkers during happy hour, and she wanted to spend time with her friends. She decided to suggest other activities whether going to see movies, playing sports. They also take turns to do game nights (with no drinking). By hanging out in places which are dedicated to selling alcohol, they are less likely to drink.

Don’t Get A Beer Belly

They aren’t really caused by beer, but excessive drinking can mean a gain of weight, it’s often accompanies by other unhealthy lifestyle choices (like a trip to the kebab shop) that add belly fat. Mark had been gaining a long of weight, was spending a lot of time in front of the telly and felt awful. He got into exercising, as he builds muscle and the fat fell away, he looked better and he felt better! Mike was much less likely to drink because it made him feel sluggish unhealthy and heavy.

If you feel like alcohol is affecting your life or someone you love. Please access help, be it AA, helplines, private rehab or other avenues.