Why it’s important to switch up your exercise routine

There is no doubt that keeping in shape is a popular pastime for many people around the world. In the US alone, for example, almost 60 million people used fitness centers in 2016. This figure is expected to have risen again since then and shows just how much people enjoy working out to stay healthy.

Of course, there are many more people on top of this who work out at home in their front room or garage. You may even hit the local park for a jog for your workout session. However you exercise, the important thing is that you are actually doing it. Not keeping on top of your health with exercise can lead to weight gain and other associated illnesses such as diabetes.

Not only will exercise help keep you fit, but it will give you more energy and make you feel better about yourself. When you factor in the extra self-confidence and mental boost it gives, it is clear why so many people love to exercise now.

Work smarter, not harder

When you are on a regular exercise routine, it is very important to switch it up at intervals. Not many people know this and plough on with the same routine for years on end. This is counter-productive not only in terms of the results seen but also for your overall health.

Read on for a few reasons why you need to be changing your workout now and then.

Beat boredom

You are only human, and if you do the same workout with the same reps for years on end, then you will get very bored with it. Exercise should be fun as this is what will make you want to do it regularly. Take a tip from the pros here and vary your workout routine at times to keep boredom at bay. It is time to do this when you are going through the motions with your specific exercises or can’t stand the thought of running that jogging route again. There are lots of ways to change your workout from trying totally new exercises to simply making amendments to the ones that you already do.

Helps build new muscle

When you follow the same workout routine all the time, it is only a certain group of muscles that are being worked on. Even if you incorporate exercises that work all your main muscle groups, the way that they are being exercised is always the same. Switching up your routine will help to work your muscles in a new way and also build a few new ones as you go.

Helps avoid injury

One very important thing to think about when exercising is injury caused by repetitive movements or overuse of certain muscles. Changing your workout helps to avoid this by giving the muscles that you usually target a rest. Even if you change the exercise and hit some of the same muscles, you will be doing it in a different way to avoid any repetitive strains that could otherwise happen.

Assists with getting over weight-loss plateau

Making changes to your workout session will make your body work harder and burn more calories. This will naturally mean that you keep losing weight if that is your goal and not plateau after time. Your body is actually very clever and will adapt after a period of time to what you are doing, thus needing less effort to do it. Changing your workout avoids this and keeps it working hard.

Don’t forget about recovery

A great inside tip is to also change your attitude to what you wear when exercising. These videos by Tommie Copper brand show how compression wear by Tommie Copper can help you exercise smarter and also recover quicker. This kind of change to how you work out will mean that you get less stiffness and soreness afterwards, so you can always exercise again when you want.

Take the time to add some workout variety

There is an old saying that goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” This is just as true when you are working out. Whether at home or the gym, make sure that you switch up your exercises every now and then to keep delivering the results you want. When you add this to wearing compression wear to help with injury avoidance, you will find that you are soon working out better than ever before. It will also make it much more fun and interesting than ploughing through the same old routine until you are 90!