Things to Do as You Prepare to Start the Keto Diet

Undergoing a keto diet requires preparation. You are going to minimize your carb intake and increase your healthy fat intake as a way of increasing the production of ketones. You want to achieve it because your body usually uses glucose as the primary fuel, and you get it from carbs. If you do not take carbs, your body will use your stored fat as fuel, and it helps in weight loss.

It might seem exciting to finally see your weight loss goals come to life considering that many others attested to its effectiveness. However, before you start doing it, you need to do these things.

Determine what you can eat

The idea of increasing fat intake does not mean you can eat any fatty food. You need to be selective in what you take. Use coconut oil and olive oil when cooking or when eating salads. You also need to be cautious when eating vegetables. Just because you think they are healthy does not mean that they will work for this type of diet. For instance, beans are high in protein and also have fat, but also have tons of carbs. Therefore, they do not suit this diet. Fruits might also be unsuitable since most of them contain carbs.

Change your perspectives on fat

You might think that fat is evil and it could increase your weight. If you are uncertain of how this diet technique will change you, it helps if you undergo a gradual process. For instance, instead of eating your burger with bread, you can replace it with lettuce. Instead of ordering fries, you can have green veggies. You may also let go of rice and potatoes.

Avoid processed foods

If possible, if you are starting this diet, you need to hone your cooking skills. You need to select the ingredients to include in your regular diet. Instead of standing around and wondering what you can eat, you can head to the kitchen and start cooking.

Prepare to change your usual coffee

It is quite a controversial recipe, but people doing the keto diet say that it works. You can add coconut oil and butter into your coffee to increase fat consumption. The positive thing is that it also curbs your hunger. Therefore, if you are going to fast for the next several hours, it would not be difficult for you.

Let other people know about your plan

Another way to prepare for this diet technique is by informing people around you about your new endeavour. Let them know that you are on a weight loss journey, and you wish to try these new methods. They need to support you in your plans by not tempting you with other foods that you should not eat.

The keto diet might be perfect for you. Try it first and see where it goes. You can also make adjustments when necessary as you go along.





Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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